Are you ready for Amazon?

Are you ready for Amazon?

The speculation is over. Amazon is coming. It has confirmed that it will launch physical retail operations in Australia with its “Amazon Marketplace” platform for third party sellers. The question now is: how should business leaders respond? I propose to answer this question in my newsletter over the coming months. I’ll be highlighting the opportunities and challenges Amazon represents for Australian businesses of all sizes, from large conglomerates to solo entrepreneurs, and offering some practical suggestions on how to move forward.

Ten Great Quotes on Disruption

Ten Great Quotes on Disruption

We hear the word disruption every day. Joseph Bower and Clayton Christensen introduced the term “disruptive innovation” in a landmark 1995 Harvard Business Review article. They defined disruptive innovation as a process by which a cheaper new product launches with an “attack from below” on a market, but then gradually overtakes the incumbent players.

Walmart and the Psychology of Disruption

Retail giant Walmart recently announced the $3 billion acquisition of Jet, an online grocery start-up in the US with less than $1 billion of gross sales. The move is Walmart’s latest attempt to keep up with Amazon, which it has belatedly recognised is a disruptive threat to its core grocery business. The high-risk play, one of several large e-commerce investments by Walmart, reflects its urgent need to seriously compete with Amazon after ignoring the threat from online grocery shopping for several years.

The Need for Speed

Amazon has put speed at the heart of its online retail offer. It recently launched Prime Now, a city-based local delivery service offering up to 25,000 lines in a two-hour delivery window. 

But how important is delivery speed to most customers and how does it affect the profitability of the retailers considering speedier delivery options?

The Challenge of Personalisation

Back in the early 1800s, before the Industrial Revolution and the advent of modern transport, most of western civilisation lived in small rural communities. Everyone knew each other’s personal information – not just names, birthdays, or hobbies – but also intimate information such as past relationships and even sexual orientation. However, the reality for most companies is that the personalisation journey is only just beginning.

Santa: A Case Study In Solving Online Retail’s Last Mile Problem

The “last mile problem” remains one of the biggest challenges for online retailers: how to find profitable ways to deliver products to residential customers’ doorsteps. A wave of high-profile innovators, from Instacart to Uber, are bringing fresh approaches to the last mile problem. But we can also learn from someone with a much longer track record in last mile delivery: Santa.