Jonathan spoke at Informa’s 2016 Online Retail Logistics Conference on What’s Next? How Google, Amazon and Uber Plan to Disrupt Online Retail Logistics. His talk was thought-provoking, full of interesting examples, and generated a high level of audience discussion and debate.
— Niamh Horan, Conference Manager - Maritime and Transport Division Lead, Informa

Jonathan has three keynote presentations which can also be delivered as part of a workshop to engage your team in collaborative and practical discussion on the disruption of retail and what to do.

1. Ready Or Not, Here Comes Amazon: Are You Ready?

In the next year, Amazon will start to launch physical retail operations in Australia. It's likely the biggest event the
retail sector has seen in twenty years, up there with the takeover of Coles by Wesfarmers and the entry of foreign retailers generally. In the face of this epic challenge, retailers are floundering. Overwhelm, Amazon-fatigue and flat-out denial are common responses.

Get ready for a gripping presentation as Jonathan poses the million-dollar question to his audiences: how ready are you to respond to this threat? Understanding Amazon's strategies is the
all-important first step. This brilliant keynote also highlights the big opportunities businesses need to seize to ready themselves for Amazon's entry into the market, and continue to prosper.

Drawing on the latest thinking and weaving in pragmatic learning from case studies, he'll show you where to focus, defend, exit, or partner for future success.

2. MASTERING DISRUPTION & Why It Matters To Your Business

Disruption is a widely used but often misunderstood term. It's a buzzword bandied about by the media and industries when referring to any 'Big Change'. With high-profile businesses like Uber, Airbnb and Amazon on the scene, it's hard not to think of disruption as something that's dramatic, instantaneous and transformative. But what does it really mean? And how can understanding the predictable patterns (yes, predictable) of disruption keep you ahead of your game no matter what sector you're in?

In this illuminating presentation, Jonathan will clarify exactly what disruption is and how it's different from other forms of innovation. He provides the precious tools needed to help leaders from any sector confront their fears and doubts to take advantage of vital – often
inevitable – disruption opportunities. A session that's as surprising as it is powerful.

3. E-Commerce Fulfilment In The Era Of Digital Disruption: Unlocking One Of Retail's Best Kept Secrets

The imminent arrival of players like Amazon in Australia will change the retail landscape forever. But one thing's clear. Most leaders remain unconfident about how they can even begin to compete with increased customer expectations around flexible fulfilment. Same-day or next-day delivery, delivery time-slots, third party collection points, lockers, ship-from-supplier and ship-from-store are just some of the options customers already expect. And what's next as Amazon continues its relentless quest for the next big thing?

It's a not-to- be-missed session as Jonathan builds on the themes of his book Retail's Last Mile to explore the innovations and challenges to come – and how best-practice retailers around the world are finding ways to profitably give customers the fulfilment options they want. He equips Australian retailers with the arsenal they need to face one of the biggest operational and financial challenges of their time.

Jonathan’s keynote on Mastering Disruption really brought the subject to life.  His passion and insights engaged the audience from the moment he started and lifted people’s confidence in how to spot and tackle disruption. I really enjoyed his style and energy and the way he communicates his thought leadership around the topic of disruption.
— Renée Giarrusso, Communication and Leadership Expert, Speaker, Author and Trainer
Jonathan presented on Retail’s Last Mile at a Real-time Retail Innovation event we hosted for our clients. He engaged the audience with fascinating insights into the future trends transforming the retail industry. Jonathan’s stories and examples of last-mile innovations really challenged our thinking about how retail is evolving. I look forward to continuing to work with Jonathan in the future.
— Selim Ahmed, Managing Director, Bourne Digital