Retail's Last Mile
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Retail's Last Mile

Why Online Shopping Will Exceed Our Wildest Predictions

The disruption of store retail by online shopping has only just begun. Few retailers are ready for the changes ahead.

Some customers shop in stores because they love to, but mostly they do it because there is no convenient alternative. This is changing. Technology which enables customers to make smart digital decisions and a wave of innovation in logistics are combining to solve the challenge of “retail’s last mile”: how to profitably sell and deliver products to customers shopping from home.

Online retail expert Jonathan Reeve forecasts that last-mile innovations will see shopping online overtake shopping in stores within 20 years. Few players have grasped the extent to which their business models and mindsets need to change. The Amazons of this world have blazed the trail and a small number of retailers are keeping up. Most are well behind and have underestimated the threat. Reeve urges us to get ready before it’s too late.




Anyone interested in the future of retail will enjoy this book. Jonathan’s ambitious argument challenges our assumptions about how customers will respond as technology opens up completely new ways of shopping. Furthermore, Jonathan’s stories and anecdotes make it a fun read.
— Tim Mason, CEO of Eagle Eye Solutions, Former Deputy CEO and Chief Marketing Officer of Tesco, Founder of Tesco Clubcard and Tesco.com