Jonathan Reeve helps businesses master the art of e-commerce fulfilment.

In an age where the traditional shopping trip is being disrupted by e-commerce, Jonathan gives retailers the strategies to stay ahead. The 25-year history of e-commerce shows that the most important element is fulfilment, the costly and complex operations that start after a sale is made online.

As a specialist in the field, Jonathan realised fulfilment was crucial to generating repeat business and sustaining profitability, but is often given a lower priority than making the sale itself. So, he decided to do something about it by supporting businesses to thrive in e-commerce fulfilment.

As someone who has developed both retail strategy and led the teams who deliver the service to customers, Jonathan's perspective is unique. He’s worked in retail businesses on three continents for over 15 years, and was part of the team that developed the operating model for, a global pioneer of online grocery retail. Jonathan is also the author of Retail's Last Mile: Why Online Shopping Will Exceed Our Wildest Predictions, which explores the disruption of store retail by online shopping.

Jonathan has an MA in Economics from Cambridge University (UK) and an MBA with distinction from INSEAD (France). Before setting up his own Melbourne-based practice, Jonathan held roles with leading organisations including Aussie Farmers Direct, Coles, Tesco, Goldman Sachs and Arkwright Consulting.