White Paper: The Hidden Engine Of Online Retail

the NEGLECTED Power of Operations in Online SuccesS

“We are all talking about ‘digital’, but the biggest challenge for most online retailers lies in their ‘physical’ operations.”

Most online retailers face an operations bottleneck. Operations issues are driving poor service, high costs and team member frustration. These retailers are falling behind a handful of leaders who have their online operations under control and can now focus on improving their customer offer and profitability.  

Designing and executing the optimal operational model for an online retailer is a challenge. The best approach typically emerges over time and varies by sector and geography.

Throughout my work, I have witnessed the benefits of a structured long-term approach to online retail operations, one giving equal weight to customers, profitability, and execution.   

Most retailers have no option. If they can’t find profitable and scalable ways to service this growing demand they will eventually become extinct.