Everyone is talking about digital transformation, but in e-commerce it’s the masters of fulfilment who lead the way.
— Jonathan Reeve

Who should attend?

If you work in or support e-commerce fulfilment operations, you may have missed out on training in the past:

  • You were too busy dealing with urgent operational issues

  • The importance of fulfilment was not understood

  • You could not find training that was relevant

Things have changed. Australia’s first e-commerce fulfilment boot camp will give you the tools you need to build leading fulfilment operations.

Jonathan Reeve has fifteen years of global experience developing and implementing different e-commerce fulfilment models.

Sealed Air has deep knowledge and over sixty years of operational excellence expertise partnering with hundreds of e-commerce fulfilment operations around the world.

Why should I attend?

Fulfilment matters. History shows us that e-commerce retailers who fail to master fulfilment end up disappointing customers, frustrating team members and losing money for shareholders. 

If you do get fulfilment right, you'll have the foundations of a successful e-commerce business. You’ll be confident you can move forward and handle the significant competitive challenges ahead.

In this ground-breaking one-day workshop, you’ll learn how to: 

  • Design the right fulfilment model for your business

  • Assess whether you are operating effectively

  • Continuously improve your performance

What's the format?

Currently available as an in-house workshop.

To find out more, please contact:
Jonathan Reeve (jr@jonathanreeve.com.au)

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