The Challenge

Retail is going through a period of disruptive change, and Amazon’s launch of physical retail operations in Australia is set to cause a further shift. How ready are you to respond?

When it comes to deciding how to respond to Amazon, most retail leaders are already fully stretched managing and responding to today’s challenges. Adding the complexity of Amazon's potential impact creates a further challenge. Opinions, analysis and articles are everywhere but it can be hard to know what to believe and who to trust in a changing environment which everyone is navigating for the first time. The result is that many businesses delay acting until it’s too late or pursue a reactive strategy, gradually losing share to competitors whose strategies embrace disruption.

Jonathan helps companies and their leaders to be purposeful, pro-active and structured in how they think and plan for Amazon, through his consulting and management development programs. 

How Jonathan Can Help

Jonathan offers a range of consulting and development programs which he tailors to your sector and to where your business is at a given point in time. He also adapts his offering to work with the specific needs of branded consumer goods and logistics companies.

Development programmes

Are you ready for Amazon?: draws on the latest insights from global thought leaders and weaves in practical learning from case studies to give you the tools to see your business in new ways and develop market-leading strategies. Jonathan offer this as a public one-day workshop or a tailored in-house program. For the in-house version, Jonathan supports the managers and teams responsible for developing an Amazon plan and together they develop strategies and practical plans real-time. 

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E-Commerce Fulfilment Bootcamp: fulfilment matters. History shows us that e-commerce retailers who fail to master fulfilment end up disappointing customers, frustrating team members, and losing money for shareholders. If you do get fulfilment right, you'll have the foundations of a successful e-commerce business. You’ll be confident you can move forward and handle the significant competitive challenges ahead. On this ground-breaking one-day workshop, you’ll learn how to:

  • Design the right fulfilment model for your business
  • Assess whether you are operating effectively
  • Continuously improve your performance

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Executive Team Session: Jonathan runs a tailored 2-hour “Are you ready for Amazon?” session with your leadership team aimed at helping them understand the changes that Amazon will bring and the key threats and opportunities for them. This energising session stimulates a new level of discussion and collaboration among leaders and boosts their confidence to move forward in a pro-active way to prepare for Amazon.