The Challenge

Retail is going through a period of disruptive change, and Amazon’s launch of physical retail operations in Australia is set to cause a further shift. How ready are you to respond?

When it comes to deciding how to respond to Amazon, most retail leaders are already fully stretched managing and responding to today’s challenges. Adding the complexity of Amazon's potential impact creates a further challenge. Opinions, analysis and articles are everywhere but it can be hard to know what to believe and who to trust in a changing environment which everyone is navigating for the first time. The result is that many businesses delay acting until it’s too late or pursue a reactive strategy, gradually losing share to competitors whose strategies embrace disruption.

Jonathan combines the consultant’s ability to solve complex problems with many years of front-line leadership experience. He will support your team with the tools and knowledge you need to understand the changes and develop a winning strategy to stay ahead of the game.

How Jonathan Can Help

Jonathan offers a range of consulting and development programs which he tailors to your sector and to where your business is at a given point in time. He also adapts his offering to work with the specific needs of branded consumer goods and logistics companies.

Consulting Services

The Amazon Readiness Assessment: a diagnostic tool to benchmark your current strategic readiness for Amazon’s entry to your market which identifies high priority opportunities and threats. Jonathan works with internal teams to understand the current market positioning and strengths relative to Amazon. He presents the results of the Readiness Assessment to the sponsoring executive and team in a collaborative de-brief and discussion session.

Strategic Review of Amazon Readiness: a deeper dive analytical review to identify how disruption and Amazon will impact your company, assess your strengths relative to Amazon, and identify strategic recommendations on where to focus, defend, exit, or partner for future success. This more in-depth strategic review is a natural follow on from the Amazon Readiness Assessment

E-Commerce Operations Review: an end-to-end review of your fulfilment processes, from customer ordering through to delivery and service, to prepare your entire Operation to compete in the age of Amazon. Jonathan will work with your operations and supply chain managers and teams to identify ways to improve customer service, reduce costs and make team members’ jobs simpler.