Amazon has now launched physical retail operations in Australia.

This is probably the biggest event the retail sector has seen in twenty years. It's up there with the take-over of Coles by Wesfarmers and the entry of foreign retailers generally. I know what you're thinking:

  • I'm already at full stretch handling today’s trading challenges.

  • I feel swamped by all the opinions out there about Amazon.

  • It's OK. My business will hardly be affected.

  • I'm so sick of hearing about Amazon!

Just in case there's any doubt, read the next line carefully. Very carefully.

Almost every retailer and their partners will be affected. It's not a matter of 'if'. It’s a question of how much and when.

New public workshop dates coming soon.

Also available as an in-house workshop.



New public workshop dates coming soon



New public workshop dates coming soon

Why Should I Attend?

What happens if I don't prepare for the age of Amazon?

From my experience, you'll fall into one of three groups in the way you respond. You'll be passive and do nothing. Or you'll react by diving into lots of activity but with a poor strategic focus. Or you'll create a considered strategy to protect your business from the threats and embrace the opportunities.

Unfortunately, most retailers fall into either the first or second group, accelerating the risk of:

  • FALLING into a 'death spiral' of declining sales

  • WITNESSING the most profitable parts of your range come under attack

  • MISSING the opportunity to capitalise on Amazon’s arrival

How ready are you prepared to be?

A little help is on its way.

Are you ready for Amazon? is a focused and strategic one-day workshop to help you prepare for the changes that will transform Australian retail.

The workshop is facilitated by Jonathan Reeve, who specialises in helping Australian businesses master the art of e-commerce fulfilment. With more than 15 years' experience working on the frontier of retail innovations, Jonathan draws on the latest thinking and weaves in practical learning from case studies to look at your customers and business models in new ways.

What Will I Take Away?

The aim of the workshop is to help you prepare for the biggest change in Australian retail for twenty years. It will help you to defend against the threats but also capitalise on the opportunities that will be created. At the end of the workshop you will be able to:

  1. Assess your environment: Understand how Amazon works, the scale of its ambition to dominate retail and how it will affect you.

  2. Develop your strategy: Assess how well-positioned you are to defend against Amazon’s strengths and where you can capitalise on the opportunities.

  3. Execute your plan: Identify practical steps to deliver your Amazon-ready strategy.

Who Will Benefit From Attending?

All retailers selling in categories in which Amazon operates such as GM, apparel and footwear, beauty products, electrical, books, jewellery, or groceries

Anyone assigned to an internal project team to develop a plan to respond to Amazon

Entrepreneurs looking to understand the opportunities of “Fulfilment by Amazon”

Suppliers (branded products, IT, logistics, etc.) preparing for your changing role

Consultants, analysts, or professional advisers who work with retailers


Want to stay ahead in the era of disruption? Are you ready for Amazon? is right for you.

Program Format

Participant preparation: pre-reading and a few preparatory questions (one hour maximum)

Workshop – 1 day: 9am-5pm (registration from 8.30am)

Take-away workbook with all the tools from the day 


Public workshop $800 per delegate.

To find out more about the in-house workshop, please contact:
Jonathan Reeve (

Course Contents


  • Amazon's story and strategy

  • Amazon's approach to new markets

  • The Fulfilment by Amazon opportunity

Strategy models and tools

  • Assess how disruption and Amazon will affect your company

  • Assess your company’s strengths, relative to Amazon

  • Assess where to focus, defend, exit, or partner

  • Worked examples of the tools, using a sample retail sector

  • Exercises to begin to develop your own response to Amazon

Case Studies

  • Retailer responses to Amazon

  • Fulfilment by Amazon

  • The changing role of brands

Group learning

  • Discussion groups to give you ideas and motivation from other participants

Previous Workshop Delegates


What People Have Said

It’s no longer about the ‘big eating the small’. It’s ALL about the ‘fast eating the slow’. What I’ve always loved about Retail/FMCG is those businesses that prevail always keep PRODUCT and CUSTOMER front of mind. Thanks to Jonathan Reeve for hosting today’s awesome AMAZON MASTERCLASS in Melbourne.
— Luke Dillon
A big thank you for your fantastic contribution during our first Alumni Dinner. The feedback we have received so far about the topic and you is all raving! We hope you enjoyed the evening as much as we did and that you got some good contacts out of it.
— Crimson & Co
Superb ecomm workshop in Melbourne with Jonathan Reeve on the opportunities and risks.
— Justin Williams
Hi Jonathan, thanks again for your very informative, relevant and engaging presentation on “Fulfillment in the Era of Amazon”. Our clients provided very positive feedback on the interactive nature of the discussion and found real value in your thoughts on the future of E-Commerce and last mile fulfillment.
— John Whitehead
Jonathan led a thought-provoking workshop on Amazon and its likely long-term impact in Australia. He has extensive hands-on experience in online retail and brings a valuable perspective to the topic. His workshop challenged us to think differently and everyone benefitted from the session, including those not working directly in retail.

We also enjoyed his relaxed and collaborative style.
— David Simpson


New public workshop dates coming soon



New public workshop dates coming soon

NOTE: Limited places